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  • Top 5 Best Basher RC Cars
  • Top 5 Best Basher RC Cars

    Top 5 Best Basher RC Cars
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    Whats up guys today we are going to take a look at what RCMadness recommends for the Top 5 Basher RC Cars.

    So what is a basher rc car? This is the first question we need to answer. I define this as any car the was designed with the intended use to be driven around an open space and not used for any competitive events. But of course technically any RC car can be used in this way just some are definitely built better for bashing. so lets dive into what I think are the best options for bashing around. (This list is not in a specific order just an overall top picks and all prices are at time for writing.)

    #1 Traxxas Slash 2wd/4wd

    You cant go wrong with a classic Traxxas Slash model for a basher RC. There are a few different variants of the slash to suite most budgets. The most iconic being the Traxxas Slash 2wd which comes in a starting price of $229.99. Then they have the high end of the slash market with the Slash 4×4 Ultimate coming in at $549.99 Do keep in mind that most Traxxas models do require a battery and charger which is sold separately. But luckily Traxxas has you covered in all cases with there battery and charger completer packs. Another factor is parts availability and cost. Traxxas has always had reasonable prices on replacement parts and the fact they are so popular makes them easy to find. You cant go wrong with any of the Slash models.

    #2 Arrma 3s BLX 4wd Models

    Arrma has made a splash in the RC basher scene with the 1/10 4wd BLX line up. The reason I’m grouping these together instead of a specific model is because they share most parts across the line up. All you really have to decide is what model you like the look of. The BLX in this line up refers to the motor and esc setup being brushless. Arrma put a 3200kv motor in these bad boys which in return makes them ridiculously fast when coupled with the Spektrum 3s 5000mah battery. Again a battery and charger are required separately for these models but Spektrum has you covered. Because Arrma is owned by Horizon Hobby parts and support are not usually a problem and prices are reasonable. Models in the 3s BLX line up range from $369.99 to $449.99.

    #3 Traxxas XMaxx 8s Monster Truck

    The Traxxas XMaxx 8s has quickly become on of the most popular and iconic RC bashing trucks. With its massive size and raw power the XMaxx is some of the most fun you can have bashing. Traxxas is offering the XMaxx is a variety fun fun and bight colors with a clip less body design. But all this size and power does come at a cost. The Traxxas XMaxx is currently $999.95 with batteries and charger. Considering the size of the truck the parts a relatively cheap and easy to find. Another great thing is the after market support is incredible. There is almost an endless list of option parts and accessories. If you want the biggest truck at the park the XMaxx is the way to go.

    #4 ARRMA Infraction/Felony

    Maybe you aren’t looking to bash around in the dirt or just dont have the option. Well Arrma has you cover for playing on the asphalt. The Infraction/Felony are some of the fastest bash RC street cars you can buy. Being capable of going 80+ MPH or of the box is impressive. Theses trucks feature a 2050Kv brushless motor system which push the power to an AWD drive train. With 6s LiPo power hooked up they are capable of burning the rubber of the rims! Coming in a $699.99 they aren’t cheap but you do get a lot for your money. Spektrum has you back again with an accompanying battery and charger completer pack sold separately. If you are looking to own the streets the Infraction/Felony are what you need.

    #5 ARRMA 6s BLX Trucks

    Last but not least the ARRMA 6s BLX 1/8 scale off road line up. The Kraton, Outcast, Typhon, and Talion trucks have been proving there bash worthiness for many years now. With the the 6s LiPo power and AWD you can just about drive them anywhere. The that much power on tap to driving possibilities are endless. From speed runs on the streeet to doing back flips of a massive dirt pile. Again ARRMA is owned by Horizon Hobby so parts price and availability are good. Which is pretty important considering how fast these models come out of the box. The 1/8th 6s BLX cars seem to be a sweet spot for all around bashing. Coming in at a starting price of $549.99 and going up to $749.99 (EXB Models) they are a goo bang for your buck. You will also need the Spektrum completer pack sold separately.

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