• R/C Madness
  • Discover The 8 Tracks of RC Madness
  • Discover The 8 Tracks of RC Madness

    1/8th Off Road Track

    The 1/8th off road dirt track is the premier race track in CT. We run of this track every Friday night in the summer months and have various trophy events through out the summer. When we are not racing it is open for practice.

    1/10 Carpet Indoor Tracks

    These are the indoor carpet tracks. One is a large carpet off road track that we race 1/10 and 1/18 scale cars and trucks. Weekly racing on Friday and Tuesday nights all year. Trophy events planned in the winter months. The other tack is a carpet on road course that switches to oval aswell. Weekly oval racing on Tuesday nights in the summer and Saturday nights in the winter. Practice is allowed when not racing some restrictions on cars for these tracks.

    Out Door 1/10th Turf Track

    The out door turf tack is the largest turf track in New England. We do weekly racing Sunday afternoons in the summer and host major trophy events multiple times a year on this course. Practice allowed with some car restrictions.

    Out Door Paved Tracks

    There are two paved tracks outside. One is the paved 1/10 scale road course and the other is the 1/10 drag strip. The paved road course was just freshly paved in 2022. We race every Saturday afternoon and hold monthly trophy events. The drag strip was put in in early 2021 and is 300ft long. Mostly used to run the 1/10 1/4 mile (132ft). We have a Protree that is setup most Saturdays for practice and Sundays for competitive racing. Open practice is allowed with some car restrictions.

    Crawler Courses

    We have indoor and outdoor crawler courses so we can crawler year round. The out door course is used in the summer months for trophy competitions and weekly comps every Thursday. We continue Thursday night comps through out the winter with the indoor course. We also run the 1/24th scale trucks on the smaller indoor course.

    More Info

    You tube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtldWzde-it-wpsP9eHUjTA

    Up Coming Events – https://rcmadness.com/events/category/upcoming-events/