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  • Discover The 8 Tracks of RC Madness
  • Discover The 8 Tracks of RC Madness

    1/8th Off Road Track

    The 1/8th off-road dirt track at R/C Madness is the premier race track in CT. Join us every Friday night during the summer months for thrilling races on this track. We also host various trophy events throughout the summer, offering exciting competition and rewards. When there are no scheduled races, the track is open for practice, allowing you to hone your skills and perfect your racing techniques. Experience the thrill of off-road racing on our top-notch track and elevate your RC racing game to new heights.

    1/10 Carpet Indoor Tracks

    At R/C Madness, we offer two exciting indoor carpet tracks for your racing pleasure.

    1. Carpet Off-Road Track: Our large carpet off-road track is designed for 1/10 and 1/18 scale cars and trucks. Join us for weekly racing on Friday and Tuesday nights throughout the year. Experience intense competitions and showcase your skills on this thrilling track. Additionally, we have planned trophy events during the winter months to add even more excitement to your racing experience. When there are no scheduled races, the track is open for practice, allowing you to fine-tune your driving skills and push the limits of your RC vehicles.
    2. Carpet On-Road and Oval Track: Our versatile carpet on-road course also switches to an oval configuration. Enjoy weekly oval racing on Tuesday nights during the summer and Saturday nights in the winter. Experience the thrill of high-speed racing on this challenging track. Practice sessions are available when the track is not in use for racing, although there may be some restrictions on the types of cars allowed on these tracks. Contact us for more information on specific restrictions and guidelines.

    Join us at R/C Madness and take part in exhilarating races and practice sessions on our indoor carpet tracks. Challenge yourself, improve your racing skills, and have a great time with fellow RC enthusiasts.

    Out Door 1/10th Turf Track

    Join us at R/C Madness for exhilarating racing action on the largest turf track in New England. Experience weekly races on Sunday afternoons in the summer and epic trophy events throughout the year. Practice sessions are available with certain car restrictions. Get ready to unleash your skills and embrace the excitement of racing on our outdoor turf track. Be part of the R/C Madness legacy and make unforgettable racing memories with us.

    Out Door Paved Tracks

    Experience the thrill of high-speed racing on our two paved tracks at R/C Madness. The paved 1/10 scale road course, freshly paved in 2022, offers exciting racing every Saturday afternoon. Don’t miss our monthly trophy events for even more competition.

    For drag racing enthusiasts, our 300ft long drag strip is perfect for 1/10 1/4 mile (132ft) races. Equipped with a Protree setup, Saturdays are dedicated to practice sessions, while Sundays are reserved for competitive racing. Open practice is available, with certain car restrictions in place.

    Join us at R/C Madness and indulge in the adrenaline-pumping action of our paved tracks. Whether you’re a road course aficionado or a drag racing enthusiast, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Unleash your speed and skill, and be part of the racing excitement at R/C Madness.

    Crawler Courses

    At R/C Madness, we cater to crawler enthusiasts with both indoor and outdoor crawler courses, ensuring year-round crawling excitement. During the summer months, our outdoor course becomes the perfect setting for trophy competitions and weekly competitions held every Thursday. Even during the winter, the thrill continues with Thursday night competitions on our indoor course.

    For those who enjoy 1/24th scale trucks, we have a smaller indoor course specifically designed for these vehicles. Experience the precision and skill required to navigate the challenging terrain and obstacles.

    Join us at R/C Madness and explore our dedicated crawler courses. Whether you prefer the outdoor adventure or the indoor challenges, we have the perfect environment for you to showcase your crawling skills. Get ready for thrilling competitions, breathtaking maneuvers, and an unforgettable crawler experience at R/C Madness.

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