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  • Pro-line 1/10 Ford Bronco R Clear Body: Short Course
  • Pro-line 1/10 Ford Bronco R Clear Body: Short Course


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    Pro-Line is proud to bring you Ford®’s latest race prototype vehicle for your Short Course truck: the Bronco R Clear Body! The Bronco R was designed for ultimate off-road performance capable of taking on the Baja 1000 and now you can have your own version for your SC truck. The Bronco R body takes design cues from the new 2021 Bronco but has large fenders to allow for true off-road tires. The body comes clear so you can customize the look with your own paint scheme and includes an add-on rear spoiler and add-on rear bumper with taillights just like the full-size truck. The Bronco R body will completely transform your SC truck into a true off-road racer. Own a piece of off-road racing history; get your own Pro-Line Bronco R race prototype vehicle clear body today!

    PRO358600 | Ford® Bronco R Clear Body for Tenacity™ SCT/TT Pro, Senton™ 4×4, Big Rock™ 4×4, Slash® 2wd and Slash® 4×4 (with extended body mounts)

    • Fully Licensed Ford® Bronco R Clear Body
    • Transform Your Short Course Truck into a True Off-Road Racer
    • Based on Ford®’s Race Prototype Truck Capable of Taking on the Baja 1000
    • Add-on Spoiler and Rear Cage/Taillights Included


    • Tenacity™ SCT/TT Pro (LOS03019 / LOS03019V2)
    • Senton™ 4×4 (ARA4203V3 / ARA4303V3)
    • Big Rock™ 4×4 (ARA4312V3)
    • Slash® 2wd (with extended body mounts PRO607000)
    • Slash® 4×4 (with extended body mounts PRO608700)


    Weight30 lbs