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  • 1/10 R/C Landfreeder Quadtrack (TT-02FT)
  • 1/10 R/C Landfreeder Quadtrack (TT-02FT)


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    The Landfreeder Quadtrack is a fresh new twist on the fun world of Tamiya R/C. This kit uses a new variant of the TT-02 chassis with three-sided track units in place of the wheels: the result is awesome traction that can be used to take on rough terrain. Furthermore, the polycarbonate truck body comes already pre-painted in Tamiya PS-5 black.

    • 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 425, width: 247mm.
    • The Landfreeder body comes molded in polycarbonate, pre-painted Black (PS-5) and with Smoke (PS-31) painted windows. Separate plated parts recreate grille cover, fog lamps and roll bar.
    • The TT-02FT is a variant of the TT-02 chassis, with four tracks on its suspension.
    • Each of the three-sided track units is 39.3mm in width and has a contact area of 60mm length. Tracks require assembly from link parts, and offer efficient traction.
    • Two types of elastomer track link (standard and grouser) are included for setup options.
    • Track units are attached to suspension arms via plates, and each features a sprocket and four rollers. The third roller is sprung to further enhance performance.
    • Polycarbonate chassis cover and wheel well liners give protection from dust and dirt encountered during off-road driving.
    • TT-02 four-bevel differentials and identical suspension arms are used.
    • Includes 540-brushed type motor.
    • Includes NEW TBLE-04S ESC. Compatible with brushless motors (sensored) of 21.5 turns and higher, and Tamiya brushed motors 25 turns and over.
    • Requires: 2-channel radio, steering servo, 7.2-7.4volt battery pack and compatible charger.

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