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  • 1UP Racing RC10B6.3/DR10 Pro Duty Titanium Turnbuckles (Triple Polished Blue)
  • 1UP Racing RC10B6.3/DR10 Pro Duty Titanium Turnbuckles (Triple Polished Blue)


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    The 1UP Racing RC10B6.3 & DR10 Pro Duty Titanium Turnbuckle Set is an optional upgrade that has been designed and refined by 1UP Racing Owner, Randy Caster. Tested and proven by 1up Racing Team Manager Joe Pillars and 1UP Factory Drivers, these turnbuckles provide a look that screams “attention to detail”.
    Better Materials, Sleek Design
    Pro Duty Turnbuckles are Made in Taiwan using aerospace grade titanium by skilled aerospace machinists. 1UP selected the best possible Grade 5 6AL4V raw titanium to create an ultra lightweight and minimalist design. A Pro Duty 3.5mm turnbuckle is 51% lighter than a TLR kit 3.5mm turnbuckle, and 24% lighter than an AE kit 3mm turnbuckle!
    Easy Adjustment
    1up Racing Pro Duty Titanium Turnbuckles feature the smartest center lug in the industry! Turn towards the short side to shorten the link, or towards the long side to lengthen the link. Now you can make trackside adjustments for friends with confidence.
    Individually Hand Finished at 1up Racing in California
    Trick turnbuckles are a long-standing tradition in the SoCal R/C scene thanks to Brian Kinwald who started polishing and anodizing his in the late 90’s. While 1up’s Randy Caster wasn’t the originator, he was one of the kids that grew up at the track learning many of the pro’s secrets. Today, Randy has over two decades of experience with customizing titanium. Randy’s Triple Polished method creates brilliant chrome-like turnbuckles. These look great on their own and serve as the perfect base for stunning anodized finishes with unmatched depth and shine. It’s a time-consuming process, but each turnbuckle receives the same amount of care to pay homage to the Legendary Dirtinator.
    Color Appearance In Person
    Anodizing titanium is a completely different process from anodizing aluminum. While aluminum uses dyes to provide color, titanium achieves it’s colors at different voltages. 1UP Racing anodizes their titanium in large batches to create closely matching kits. But there still may be some color shifting as you view the turnbuckles from different angles. This is part of what makes anodized titanium so beautiful!
    • Dark Blue is a fairly consistent color.
    • Bright Blue may have shades of aqua and will show as purple when viewed from the side.
    • Gold is a fairly consistent color.
    • Green may have shades of gold when viewed at certain angles.
    • Pink may have shades of rose gold when viewed at certain angles.
    • Purple may have shades of hot pink when viewed at certain angles.
    Use with a 3.2mm Turnbuckle Wrench. Always use fresh ball cups when installing new turnbuckles. If you’re up-sizing from 3mm turnbuckles you’ll need to drill out the ball cups with a 1/8″ drill bit. Prior to install, apply a small amount of O-Ring Grease to the threads to ensure your links can be easily adjusted.
    Turnbuckle Care
    Titanium looks best when cleaned of any oils or greases. After installing your Pro Duty Turnbuckles, clean them with degreaser to make their color POP! This works over and over again to ensure your hand finished turnbuckles stay looking amazing for years!

    NOTE: Ball cups need to be drilled out with 1/8″ drill bit prior to installation.