32-Tip Multi-Driver Blue


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Duratrax 32-Tip Multi Driver in Blue.


Includes the most-needed tips for working on R/C drones, park flyers
and vehicles as well as watches, jewelry eyeglasses and more
Anodized aluminum handle holds 15 short-shank double-tip bits,
another bit stores in the in-use position
Nine tip options for Torx (or “star”) screw heads
Bit shanks lock onto the adjustable-length shaft with a push for
easy attachment and release
Sizes clearly marked on each bit
Flattened handle design prevents rolling off of workbench


Aluminum Handle
PH000 / 1.5 mm slotted, DTXR1407
PH00 / 2.0 mm slotted, DTXR1408
PH0 / 2.5 mm slotted, DTXR1409
PH1 / 3.0 mm slotted, DTXR1410
PZ0 / 3.5 mm slotted, DTXR1411
PZ1 / 4.0 mm slotted, DTXR1412
.050″ hex / 0.7 mm hex, DTXR1401
0.9 mm hex / 1.5 mm hex, DTXR1402
2.0 mm hex / 3.0 mm hex, DTXR1403
2.5 mm hex / 4.0 mm hex, DTXR1404
3/32″ hex / 1/16″ hex, DTXR1405
1.0 mm slotted / T-20 Torx, DTXR1406
T-4 / T-8 Torx, DTXR1413
T-5 / T-9 Torx, DTXR1414
T-6 / T-10 Torx, DTXR1415
T-7 / T-15 Torx, DTXR1416
NOTE, Double-tip bits have two tips with the sizes indicated.

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