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How to Apply ProGraphix Chrome Paint and Backer

Get Pro-Level Results with Traxxas ProGraphix® Paint

Chrome paint has a reputation for being difficult to use, but Traxxas makes it easy with ProGraphix paint. Traxxas designed ProGraphix paint for supreme ease-of-use so that even novice painters can get pro-quality results. High-quality mirror-like chrome requires a two-stage process with chrome spray paint and a brush-applied backer. It’s simple to do and we’ll show you how in this new video.

Pro Painting Tips

Choose Your Body
Traxxas offers many options when it comes to bodies. Pre-painted bodies come complete with factory-applied paint and graphics. They’re ready to mount and tough as nails. ProGraphix bodies come with high-quality pre-applied graphics, but allow you to choose your base coat for a custom look. Clear bodies allow the most customization, limited only by your imagination.
Pre-painted Maxx body (8911P)
Pre-Painted bodies are ready to mount right out of the package.
Maxx ProGraphix body (8911X)
A ProGraphix body allows you to choose your own base color.
Maxx clear body (8911)
Choose a clear body for complete customization.


Prep Your Body

Before painting any body, it’s important to prepare the surface for proper paint adhesion. Traxxas bodies include a protective film on the outside to protect against overspray. Be sure to leave the film on until you’re finished painting. Clean the inside of the body using isopropyl alcohol and a soft lint-free cloth or microfiber towel. The alcohol will remove any oils and fingerprints that cause adhesion problems with the paint. Use compressed air to remove any lint or dust.
Prep the body
Good pre-paint preparation is the key to pro-quality results.


Spraying the Body

Traxxas designed ProGraphix paint cans with wide caps to avoid finger fatigue when painting. The nozzles deliver a fine mist of paint to avoid blobs and other paint irregularities. It’s important to move the can in a steady side-to-side motion to get even coverage across the body. For best results, apply several light coats and allow the paint time to dry between sprayings. Several light coats will achieve the same effect, while reducing the risk of drips and runs. Hold the body up to a light source to ensure even coverage.
Applying the Paint
Apply the paint in a steady side-to-side motion about 6″ from the body.


Apply the Backer

Once the chrome paint has dried completely, it’s time to apply the backer. This is an important step to achieve that pro-quality shine. The backing paint deepens the mirror effect and allows more light to reflect back from the chrome. It also provides a protective layer to prevent scratches and other wear and tear to the chrome finish. Traxxas high-quality ProGraphix chrome backer comes in 100 mL cans and goes on with a brush. Apply the backing paint on top of the chrome layer and allow it to dry before handling.
Applying the Backer
Apply the backer with a brush for a deep, mirror-chrome shine.



After the backing paint has dried completely, remove the protective film to reveal a mirror-like shine. Add your decals and any additional body trim pieces at this time and you’re ready for action!
Finished results
Remove the protective outer film to reveal a mirror-like shine.
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