CAT XLS Masami 1/10 4WD Off-Road Buggy Kit


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  • Ball differentials, which had been invented by Cecil Schumacher in 1978.
  • Unique integrator system offering adjustable torque split between front and rear.
  • Double wishbone suspension with massive travel.
  • Full replica decal set.
  • Alloy coil over oil filled shock absorbers.
  • Huge steering lock to handle the tightest tracks.
  • Front O-ring ‘crashback’ system to minimize front end crash damage.
  • Compact design with low polar moment of inertia and low center of gravity gives the CAT remarkable maneuverability and balance.
  • Tough polycarbonate bodyshell and undertray to keep out the dirt.
  • Original Schumacher spiked tires.
  • Accepts period correct NiCd/NiMH batteries or modern shorty Lipos.
  • Accepts brushed or brushless motors.
  • Transmission upgrade available to handle modern high powered motors, and create a class leading buggy for historic RC racing.

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