4 Pole Snsrd BL Mtr 17171650KV


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The Castle 1717 1650KV motor now has an IMPROVED 4-POLE 12-SLOT design that boasts exceptional EFFICIENCY and produces LESS HEAT. This motor is a blast from the past with the added benefit of sensored capabilities! It is the perfect upgrade for any 1/6th scale vehicles weighing up to 20 lbs and running up to 8s LiPo; it is also a great upgrade for drivers looking for a reliable, high torque 8s motor for their 1/8th scale vehicles.

Running modes include Sensored and an ULTRA-EFFICIENT sensorless mode.
High-strength, high-temperature grade neodymium sintered magnets combined with High-strength Kevlar wrap ensures the integrity of the rotor is not compromised during harsh running conditions.
Oversized NMB bearings and vibration dampening system ensure the longest bearing life possible.
Our proprietary winding techniques allow us to produce a stator assembly that is the lowest possible resistance, resulting in a cooler running motor.
Updated modern and sleek design; looks as cool as it performs.
Without a robust and reliable design, efficiency will only go so far. RC enthusiasts love pushing their equipment to the edge. The Castle engineers know this and spared no expense when developing a design that could hold up to the harsh conditions that the RC community will throw at it, resulting in a cooler running motor. A cooler motor has a longer lifetime. Construction of our motor required careful component selection; each verified through internal testing to ensure the HIGHEST EFFICIENCY possible. In the end, the result is a motor with unmatched quality, performance, and reliability. We wouldn’t put our name on anything less.


  • Input Voltage Range: 8S LiPo Max
  • KV: 1650
  • Max. RPM: 56,000
  • Size: Diameter: 1.87″ (47.6mm) Length: 3.35″ (85.1mm)
  • Max. Recommended Vehicle Weight: Vehicles weighing less than 20lbs.
  • Tech Notes: Running modes: Sensorless and Sensored
Weight8 lbs