Exotek F1 Front Rubber Tires (2) (Soft)


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The Exotek F1 Front Rubber Tires bring full size F1 styling and performance to the F1 tire segment. Designed from the ground up Exotek has taken the best elements of RC F1 tires and incorporate this into these rubber tires. These front tires are designed with a wide profile for maximum contact patch while the sidewalls are designed with 2 different sidewall diameters. The larger inner diameter serves two purposes, first this gives more suspension pin clearance and would allow for longer front springs and pins designs in the future for increased front end dampening. Second the inner sidewall becomes slightly stiffer than the outer sidewall. This effect generates less ‘twitchiness’ at low speeds while increasing front bite at higher corner speeds as the tire load spreads to the outer ‘softer’ tire sidewall. To top it off, special heavy duty nylon wheel decals are included for that finishing scale look!

(2) F1 Front Rubber Tires
(2) Foam Tire Inserts

Weight.5 lbs