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  • Kosmos 18th Buggy Tire Black (Mega Soft) Compound
  • Kosmos 18th Buggy Tire Black (Mega Soft) Compound


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    Kosmos 1/8th Buggy Tire Black (Mega Soft) Compound

    Starting with a clean shape and carcass, the design team took to a rectangular based pin which has the forward bite muscle to boost a 1/8th buggy. The staggered rows create a unique zig/zag affect at certain views giving it a 3D mind puzzle affect. In fact, the design is 4 rows deep of off-set and staggered sections when compared to some traditional tires which rely on 2.

    JConcepts has connected several sections of pins with a V-feature to strengthen the base to make Super Soft compounds manageable even in high-speed conditions. The outer rows of pins have been clipped and held back for maximum cornering consistency on bumpy and chunky conditions. The inside of the carcass boasts the standard 3 radial ribs that help minimize tire expansion under hard acceleration and cushions hard impacts.


    • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts
    • Carefully shaped carcass = forward traction
    • 83mm bead mounting size for 1/8th compatibility
    • Puzzling and unique, Zig / Zag appearance
    • Staggered row construction, V-feature for firm tread
    • Rectangular / block tread, available in multiple compounds