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  • Twin Pins 2wd Rear Buggy Tires, Pink Compound, Pre-Mounted
  • Twin Pins 2wd Rear Buggy Tires, Pink Compound, Pre-Mounted


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    The Twin Pins are a ground-breaking design which has not only turned some heads, but has the competition, scratching their heads. The Twin Pins, offered pre-mounted, feature a dual spike which is connected to form a mini-mountain like silhouette. The “Twins” are rotated and repeated throughout the design to form a pin rich environment so surface area is maximized. The tire carcass itself has been refined, slammed to low-profile, pre-mounted on #3348Y wheels refined for high-speed standards, and slimmed to reduce weight in all possible areas.

    The center section of the tire is connected at the base by an ultra-low, winding “river walk” which strengthens pins near the base. The very outside of the Twin Pins has legs which extend out to micro pins, giving the racer all-important support through high-speed corners.

    Key drivers, Jason Ruona, Spencer Rivkin, and Alex Kosciuszek tested for speed, durability and consistency. The pink compound is marked with 2 pink dots on the tire and represents a medium soft material with long wear characteristics.


    • JConcepts fit, finish and design
    • Dual, connected pin with alternating positioning
    • “River walk” of center pin support
    • Sidewall legs with micro pins
    • Carefully shaped profiled carcass for rolling speed
    • Includes open cell inserts