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  • JK Products 48P Plastic Pinion Gear (3.17mm Bore) 22-25T
  • JK Products 48P Plastic Pinion Gear (3.17mm Bore) 22-25T


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    JK Products 48P Plastic Pinion Gear (3.17mm Bore)


    JK Products plastic pinion gears are offered in a common 48P design with a wide array of teeth to suite the needs of performance R/C enthusiasts looking to get every last ounce of performance out of their vehicles. Thanks to its lightweight polymyer gear, enthusiasts will not only notice a smoother wear pattern with reduced friction on their drivetrain, but boosted performance thanks to lower rotating mass that provides incredible acceleration. Increased performance has never been so cost effective.


    • Ultra Lightweight Hybrid design Aluminum/Polymer
    • Molded teeth for ultra smooth gear mesh
    • Thinner profile
    • Quicker Motor RPM
    • Must have for Stock racing
    • Color coded for tooth count identification
      • Purple: 26 Tooth
      • Blue: 27 Tooth
      • White: 28 Tooth
      • Red: 29 Tooth
      • Green: 30 Tooth
      • Yellow: 31 Tooth
      • Pink: 32 Tooth
      • Black: 33 Tooth
    Weight5 lbs

    22T, 23T, 24T, 25T, 26T, 27T, 28T, 29T, 30T, 31T, 32T, 33T, 34T, 35T