LiPo Glow Driver w/ Batt & USB Charger


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LiPo Glow Driver w/ Batt & USB Charger


LiPo powered, providing higher power output versus NiMH glow drivers
Switching power transfer (low heat dissapation)
LED indicator light allows users to detect if the glow plug is good or not
Includes a 1S 1200mAh Li-Po battery and USB style charger
Fits all glow plugs
High-technology regulator, output voltage is 1.5V
2.5mm DC Jack, Center pin positive charge hole

The Dynamite® Lipo glow driver was designed to make glow ignition easy and affordable. Includes a USB style charger for added flexibility and versatility. Includes an LED indicator light which makes it easy to see if glow plug is good or if the unit needs re-charging

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