Losi Speed-Shot Fuel Gun


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Losi Speed-Shot Fuel Gun

With an extended tip, unique vent and fill design and a comfortable grip, you’re guaranteed fast and precise re-fills every time. This easy to use fuel gun has an extra large fill port so re-fueling your nitro truck is efficient, spilled fuel is minimized and air pockets are eliminated. Plus, with multiple vent ports, you will always get a maximum fill. All this adds up to quick and precise fuel delivery so you can get back to driving. The fuel storage tank on the gun features a precision measuring system that allows you or your pitman to determine how much fuel was dispensed on the last fill.


  • Extended tip gets fuel into the tank quickly, even in tight spots
  • Extra large fill ports ensure maximum flow efficiency without air pockets
  • Multiple vent ports ensure high-speed fills for quicker pit stops
  • Rugged design, built to stand up to race after race
  • Ergonomic design makes the Fast-Fueler comfortable and easy to handle
  • Auto Cut-off that minimizes overflows and spills
  • Easy to read volume markings
  • 150cc Capacity