“M-CODE 2” 13.5T PRO TUNED SPEC MOTOR (2 Pole 540)


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"M-CODE 2" 13.5T PRO TUNED SPEC MOTOR (2 Pole 540)


The M-Code series of expert built brushless motors is intended to set a new standard of performance and quality that the user can feel.

Every MOTIV Motor is hand checked, assembled, and packaged by a professional in house at the WI, USA office. During this process, it is required that each part must meet strict criteria before it is cleared for assembly and eventual packaging.
Included with each M-CODE motor is an Analysis & Quality Control spec sheet. This Sheet is filled out on a motor to motor basis all threw the Testing and assembly and includes information unique to your M-CODE motor, this process allows us to have quality control which blankets each and every motor sold, and we feel that the ultimate result is a product which is second to none in the industry.


– Short stack design for low resistance
– Specially selected stator material for low power loss

High quality pure copper wire

– Emphasis on hand winding for consistency across all three poles


Gold plated pure copper tabs for low resistance and efficient operation

– Special internal “Drop Connection” design to ensure low resistance and consistent internal solder joints


Sintered rotor

– High quality neodymium magnet material for lasting magnetism


High flow vent holes to allow air flow in and out for lower operating temps

– Machined all aluminum anodized can, front plate and end bell

Infinitely adjustable timing

– Dual precision ball bearings


Every motor tested in house during the assembly and packaging process

– Designed to comply with ROAR specifications

Ultra lightweight completed design

– Packaged in an air tight reusable storage container to keep your “M-Code” safe from all elements

Weight .5 lbs


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