Arrma 3S/4S BLX & MEGA Metal Gear Front/Rear Transmission Module Set

This is a replacement part intended to fit various Arrma 3S/4S BLX and MEGA 550 vehicles.


  • Steel input and main differential gears are precision manufactured for accurate tooth mesh
  • 1.35 module input and main gear tooth profile for ultimate durability
  • Tough precision molded composite differential case and differential module yoke ensures accurate alignment between gears
  • High strength steel straight-cut differential internal gears and splined differential output shafts
  • Filled with 10,000cst silicone oil
  • Supplied pre-assembled and ready to drop into the front or rear of your ARRMA mode


  • (1) Pre-Assembled Metal Gear Front/Rear Transmission Module Set (37T/13T,1.35M)