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  • MINI-Z Buggy S LAZER ZX-6 Kohta Akimoto MB-010S Ready Set
  • MINI-Z Buggy S LAZER ZX-6 Kohta Akimoto MB-010S Ready Set


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    MINI-Z Buggy S LAZER ZX-6 Kohta Akimoto MB-010S Ready Set

    MINI-Z Buggy S LAZER ZX-6 Kohta Akimoto MB-010S Ready Set

    32083KA-B MINI-Z Buggy S LAZER ZX-6 Kohta Akimoto MB-010S Ready Set

    KYO32083KAB | | $189.99

    ‘Sports’ version makes a perfect first R/C car,
    or even a second!

    Released in November 2011, the MINI-Z buggy features a 4WD drive train supported by a 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension with oil shocks and a slipper clutch to protect the gears in a technologically advanced design that far exceeds any expectations of its palm top size. With a formidable reputation for performance established through the MINI-Z Cup Buggy class, this ‘Sports’ version of the proven MINI-Z buggy is equipped with the basic components of MINI-Z buggy’s success, but at a great low price. Precision components are protected within the shell structure of the chassis that keeps out dirt and provides optimal rigidity. The 7-stage geared steering servo provides torque and precise response to deliver the MINI-Z’s renowned linear steering feel and control. Also, the Sports version is equipped with a specially designed split circuit board that allows easy manual adjustment of the optional gyro unit. Just add batteries to start enjoying the serious R/C racing buggy performance of this factory assembled Readyset that makes an ideal first or even your second R/C car!

    KYO32083KAB | | $189.99Shaft driven 4WD and 4-wheel independent suspension are condensed in the MINI-Z’s compact size. The chassis powers easily over small bumps and gaps.KYO32083KAB | | $189.99Main parts including sealed diff gearbox are contained within the dust proof structure. 15 ball bearings and a slipper clutch make this machine ready for serious action.KYO32083KAB | | $189.99Flat finish to underside of chassis is achieved with contours for each part shape. Efficient design allows tie-rods to be changed simply by removing the chassis cover.
    KYO32083KAB | | $189.99Includes connector for optional gyro unit (MZW431) and the tiny volume allows gyro unit’s sensitivity to be manually adjusted.KYO32083KAB | | $189.994-wheel independent double wishbone suspension equipped with oil shocks. Delivers surefooted road holding over a variety of different road surface conditions.KYO32083KAB | | $189.99Realizes integrated coupling of drive shafts despite the constraints of its size. Also front suspension arms produce a 10-degree skid angle for improved rough-road performance.
    KYO32083KAB | | $189.99Chassis features shell structure with battery boxes on each side. High rigidity extracts full effectiveness from the suspension.KYO32083KAB | | $189.99Readyset includes KT-19 transmitter and other items. Requires only 4 batteries for the transmitter to start enjoying realistic buggy performance.KYO32083KAB | | $189.99Optional Syncro Touch KT-432PT transmitter is recommended if increased precision and control response is required. Provides even more precise setting flexibility with smartphone-like control.
    • Readyset package allows model to be enjoyed straight after purchasing batteries.
    • Fully pre-assembled chassis with printed polycarbonate body.
    • Real racing performance will please buggy owners. Great for indoor practice.
    • Includes Perfex KT-19 transmitter. Allows various setting adjustments such as steering angle.
    • FHS2.4GHz R/C system removes the need to manage frequency bands. A single transmitter can be used with multiple R/C models.
    • Frequency crystals are not required and up to 40 cars can be run at the same time.
    • Optional gyro unit set (MZW431) can be installed. Gyro sensitivity can be manually adjusted on the chassis.
    • Most optional parts already released for MINI-Z Buggy can be installed.
    • This model is specially designed for the KT-19 transmitter. It is not compatible with the KT-18 and EX-5UR ASF transmitters (No.82011).


    < ReadySet Contents >

    • Factory assembled chassis with pre-installed R/C unit
    • KT-19 transmitter
    • Pre-painted polycarbonate body finished with markings
    • Pinion gears (11T, 13T, 15T)
    • Spur gears (33T, 35T)
    • Pinion gear tool
    • Pairing stick
    • Wheel wrench
    • Spare nuts for wheels

    < Required for Operation >

    • AAA alkaline batteries x 4 or NiMH batteries x 4 for chassis
    • AAA alkaline batteries x 4 for KT-19 transmitter
    Chassis Technical Data
    Tread (F/R)89mm/89mm
    Weight200g (approx.)
    Motor130 class
    BatteryAAA alkaline x 4
    R/C SystemKT-19
    Weight4 lbs