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  • MIP Speed Tip, Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm Ball End
  • MIP Speed Tip, Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm Ball End


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    MIP9040S | | $15.50

    The new 2.0mm MIP Ball End Hex Driver is finally here! Its been 15 years since the idea of a 2.0mm ball end wrench was first introduced by MIP. Now 15 years later, its finally here! And trust us, the wait is well worth it! Our new 2.0mm tool is designed to get into those tight places on your rig, anywhere from engine mounts or just those stubborn screws that are in hard to reach angles. Whether your a racer or enjoy crawling, this is going to be a must have tool!
    Special Features:
    • Reach difficult angled screw heads
    • Designed to work up to 10 Degrees of angle
    • Speed Tip Version speeds up wrench time considerably
    • Super beefy ball end cut designed to increase overall tool head strength
    • Ball end dimensions optimized to increase tool head to screw head bite force.
    Reviewer Testimony:
    “Many 2.0mm ball-end tools I have used in the past just end up stripping out the head of the screw and then I have a bigger issue. Not the MIP 2.0 mm ball end wrench it’s almost like using a full size 2.0 at an angle! This tool instills confidence when I’m at a radical angle that I can remove or install a screw without it stripping and that’s its main purpose. Props to MIP for the job well done.”
    Tool Makeup:
    Precision CNC ground IN-HOUSE at MIP
    Color Coating Wrap for differentiation
    Tried and True amber handle for ultimate grip and less overall hand fatigue.
    100% Genuine MIP
    Weight2 lbs