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  • MR-03EVO SP Chassis Set Red Limited
  • MR-03EVO SP Chassis Set Red Limited


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    MINI-Z Racer MR-03EVO SP Chassis Set Red Limited (W-MM/8500KV)

    The new MR-03EVO SP can be controlled with transmitters from multiple brands by plugging a dedicated receiver unit released from each brand into the receiver compartment on the upper part of the chassis. Equipped with nickel plated hex screws, oil shock and special color Ball Diff II as standard and comes with a developed suspension arms with various caster angles for wider setup options!

    Compatible Rx Modules:
    No. 82040 for Kyosho KT-18, EX-6, EX-6R and KO EX-2, EX-RR
    No. 82041 for Kyosho KT-531P, KT432PT
    No. 82042 for Futaba 10PX, 7PX, 7XC, 4PM
    No. 82043 for KO Propo EX-NEXT, MC-8

    Remote gyro parameter setting: Throttle and steering gyro gain values are assigned to CH3 and CH4 signals, so you can adjust them while driving by assigning switches and dials of your transmitter.

    Separate front upper suspension arm mount: Front suspension arms are mounted on a part that is separate from the upper cover, which enables quicker front tread conversion.

    Almost-factory-assembled MR-03W-MM chassis equipped with brushless ESC unit
    Front width conversion parts
    Pinion Gears (6T, 7T, 8T, 9T)
    Front suspension adjustment spacers
    Pinion gear removal tool
    Wheel wrench

    Receiver Unit
    4 x AAA NiMH batteries for chassis
    Batteries for transmitter
    Mini-Z Auto Scale Collection (Body shell, wheels and tires)

    Scale: 1/27.6
    Length: 117.7mm
    Width: 65-76mm
    Height: 35mm
    Chassis Type: MR-03W-MM
    Wheelbase: 98.0mm(LL)
    Tread: Depending on wheel offset
    Weight: 135g
    130 class 8500KV brushless motor
    Gear Ratio: 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
    Tire Diameter (F): sold separately
    Tire Diameter (R): sold separately
    Tire Width (F): sold separately
    Tire Width (R): sold separately
    Transmitter: sold separately
    Receiver Unit: sold separatel


    • Ball bearings
    • Gold plated battery terminals
    • 130-class compatible size 8500KV sensor-less brushless motor with double ball bearings and aluminum heatsink case.
    • ESC and servo parameters adjustable via the ICS expansion port.
    • Power indicator feature. Good for equal condition races.
    • Gyro (sold separately) gain can be controlled via transmitter dials or switches.
    • Separate receiver unit construction (receiver unit sold separately)
    • Special red anodized ball diff
    • Oil shock as standard
    • Nickel plated hex screws
    • Front upper arms with caster angles of 1 deg, 2 deg and 3 deg included
    Weight6 lbs