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  • NEW RS100M High Torque Micro Servo
  • NEW RS100M High Torque Micro Servo


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    RS100M High Torque / Speed Micro Servo

    Operating Voltage: 5v – 8.4v

    Torque / Speed:

    105oz/ 7.5kg / 0.10 @ 5v

    120oz/ 8.6kg / 0.09 @ 6v

    143oz/ 10.3kg / 0.07 @ 7.4v

    165oz/ 11.9kg / 0.06 @ 8.4v

    High Quality Motor
    •Full Cnc Aluminum Case
    •Hardened Steel Gears
    •Spline: 25T 4.9mm Micro
    •Voltage: 5v-8.4v
    •Bearing: 2BB
    •Wire Length: 185mm
    •Weight: .70 oz / 20 Grams
    •Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 26mm
    •Water Resistant with 7 point O-ring seal
    Not Submarine proof, do not submerge

    *These do not fit in the stock Scx24 servo mount, we recommend using our Aluminum Scx24 mount or similar.

    *Our Micro Bec is recommend for Micro servos being used in 1/24 and 1/18 Micro rc. Stock Micro rc electronics are typically pretty weak and need a boost when running high power servos, for this we recommend using our Micro Bec’s.

    Weight.5 lbs