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  • Nova Buggy Lockout Set, for B6.1 and B6.1D
  • Nova Buggy Lockout Set, for B6.1 and B6.1D


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    SHLSCH1399 | | $25.00

    Get more power and accelerate harder out of the turns. Clear that jump you’ve be struggling to get over! The Schelle lockout might be the answer you’ve been looking for. The B6.1 version is a V2 design with screw-on spur gears. It’s easier to assemble, and works with both the B6.1 kit topshaft OR the short direct drive topshaft.

    The Nova Buggy Lockout Set is a direct connection of the motor to the tires. Pure racers like to remove the kit slipper clutch and go with direct drive (we call it “lockout”). With lower weight and no slip, maximum power goes to the tires. The Lockout Buggy Set sheds weight down to a bare minimum 2.3 gramswhile keeping the tried and true Nova Spur gears (4.6 grams total including the spur gear). A 69 tooth and 72 tooth Nova Spur gear are included for all the tuning options a racer could need for tight or wide-open layouts.



    • 2.3 grams of CNC Aluminum plus 0.6 grams for mount screws.
    • Includes 69 and 72 spur gears. Special blend Nova Spur Gears are strong, true round, and quiet running.
    • Everything you need is included to work with the kit top shaft, nothing else to buy. Easy to assemble!
    • Direct fit to the B6.1, B6.1D only. Does not fit the older B6 and B5M models (see SCH1303).


    Weight .5 lbs


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