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  • Onisiki Daruma Aluminum Case High Performance Drift Gyro (Three-Axis)
  • Onisiki Daruma Aluminum Case High Performance Drift Gyro (Three-Axis)


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    Onisiki Daruma Aluminum Case High Performance Drift Gyro. This gyro is a great option for those needing a high performance gyro for anything from buggies to drift cars. The gyro gain is adjustable from both the gyro and from your transmitter if you have more than 2 channels on both your receiver and transmitter. The 3-Axos support makes this gyro even more precise allowing your RC model to be more predictable.


    • For Touring, Drift or F1 chassis
    • Full aluminum case
    • Gyro gain can be adjusted from a 3rd channel


    Weight: 12g
    Size: 25*26*10mm
    Voltage: 5-8.4V
    Current consumption: 20mA/6V
    Working temperature: -10°C to +50°C
    Support input signal: PWM (50-333Hz) / FUTABA S.BUS /SANWA SSR /SANWA SHR
    Output servo signal: 1520uS (333Hz) /760uS (FUTABA SR) /SANWA SSR
    Control System: PID Control System

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