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  • ProTek RC 3x8mm “Grade 5” Titanium Button Head Hex Screw (4)
  • ProTek RC 3x8mm “Grade 5” Titanium Button Head Hex Screw (4)


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    ProTek R/C 3x8mm “Grade 5” Titanium Button Head Hex Screws are CNC machined and thread rolled to near-exact tolerances from high-quality 6AL-4V (Grade 5) titanium alloy material and polished to a brilliant finish. Titanium is strong, dense and super lightweight, and is a great way to reduce weight in low stress areas of the chassis. In fact, Titanium has one of the highest strength-to-density ratios of all alloys, making it a great option for dropping weight without sacrificing strength or durability.

    6AL-4V Grade 5
    6AL-4V, or more commonly known as Grade 5, is a Titanium alloy composed of 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. It is significantly stronger than pure titanium but more expensive to manufacture. Grade 5 is the most widely used titanium alloy for its excellent combination of low weight, high strength and corrosion resistance.

    To Maximize the life of ProTek R/C Titanium Screws:

    • Never use with a worn Allen hex tip.
    • Never use in areas where Loctite is to be used.
    • Never use in high stress areas, such as shock mounts or chassis braces.

    NOTE: Refer to your instruction manual for correct screw placement.

    Weight.5 lbs