RCM AE B6.4 Rear Adjustable Shock Tower


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Enhance Your RC Experience with the RC Madness B6.4 Rear Adjustable Shock Tower!

Unlock peak performance and unmatched stability for your B6.4 with our precision-engineered rear adjustable shock tower. Crafted from high-grade carbon fiber using CNC machining technology, this Made-in-the-USA product is designed to take your RC racing to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Reduce Understeer: Relocate your ball studs to the tower and experience reduced understeer, providing you with better control and high response during races.
  • Great for Carpet and Turf Setups: Whether you’re racing on carpet or turf, this shock tower is the perfect addition to fine-tune your B6.4 for optimal performance.
  • Carbon Fiber Excellence: Our shock tower is crafted from top-quality carbon fiber, ensuring durability and lightweight performance that’s essential for your B6.4.
  • CNC Machined Precision: Each tower is meticulously CNC machined to perfection, guaranteeing a precise fit and top-notch quality.
  • Enhanced Tuning Options: With this adjustable shock tower, you gain access to a wider range of tuning options, allowing you to fine-tune your B6.4 to match your racing style.
  • Exclusive to RCMadness: This premium product is only available at RCMadness, your trusted source for RC upgrades and accessories.

Upgrade your B6.4 today and conquer the track like never before with RCmadnes. Elevate your RC game with our rear adjustable shock tower. Get ready to race with confidence and precision!

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