RF-120 1S ESC


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RF-120 1S ESC

RF-120 1S ESC

ROAR Approved

The RF-120 1S ESC is for racers who want a smooth and reliable ESC at an affordable price. A built in BEC booster provides 6V @ 3.5A of output to power today’s digital servos.

ESC is programmable with a Program Box or PC program which also allows you to update the firmware.

This ESC has a Blinky mode that meets ROAR specs and will be submitted to ROAR.

Part # RF-120-1S is the ESC only, supplied with 12 Guage wires (not soldered to ESC). Includes USB adapter and cable for PC programming.

Part # RF-120-1SPB is same as above but includes a Program Box for field programming.


Amps:  120A

Resistance:  0.00026 ohm

Size: Footprint W30.5mm x L36.8mm x H16mm. Width including solder tabs is 36.8mm

Weight: 42g with cap but without wires

Case:  Aluminum case for maximum cooling

BEC: 6V @ 3.5A (Integrated DC booster)

Battery:  1S LiPo/LiFe or 3-4 cell NiMh/NiCd

Motor Type:  540 brushless sensored

Motor Limit:  3.0T on 1S

Switch:  Integrated on/off switch


Adjustable Features

Operation Mode:  Forward/Brake, Forward/Brake/Reverse and Forward/Reverse

Voltage Cut Off

ESC Overheat Protection (Temperature Set)

Reverse Rotation


Punch Profile

Drive Frequency

Neutral Dead Band

Reverse Speed


Initial Brake

Drag Brake

Brake Strength

Brake Frequency


Boost Timing

Boost RPM

Boost ACC


Turbo Timing

Turbo Slope

Turbo Delay


Weight.5 lbs