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  • Samix QS10 Anti-Spark Connector (1 Female)
  • Samix QS10 Anti-Spark Connector (1 Female)


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    Samix QS10 Anti-Spark Connector (1 Female)

    This is a pack of Samix QS10 Anti-Spark Connectors. Designed to handle some of the most demanding conditions, these QS10 connectors offer incredible current handling and are perfect for high voltage applications. The anti-spark design eliminates the dreaded “pop” when plugging in high voltage batteries along with helping to extend the life of your connectors. Utilizing a 10mm gold plated bullet style connection these QS10 connectors are built for your high current needs. Upgrade your build with a worry free, high current handling, performance battery connection with these QS10 Anti-Spark connectors from Samix.


    • Anti-Spark Technology
    • High Current and High Voltage Capability
    • Large 10mm Gold Plated Bullet Connectors


    • Flame Retardant Rating: UL94VO
    • Contact Resistance: 0.51m
    • Rated Voltage: DC 750W
    • Peak Current: 240A
    • Constant Current: 180A
    • Temperature Range: -30c to 150c
    • Material: PA
    • Maximum Wire Size: 4 AWG


    • (1) Female QS10 Anti-Spark Connector
    Weight.5 lbs