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  • Sequre 110watt AC Soldering Iron
  • Sequre 110watt AC Soldering Iron


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    About this product

    The SEQURE SQ-A110 Soldering Iron is the perfect tool for your fpv soldering needs. It is small, powerful and has three key designs. This soldering tool has a heating speed of 8 sec, so no need to wait for temperature recovery! Comes with digital display, US power cord, handles, and many other cool features that make this soldering tool a winner!


    • Small size, three key design, powerful function.
    • Fast temperature recovery, heating speed 8 seconds.
    • High-quality heating body, high platinum temperature sensitivity.
    • Two display temperature modes (Celsius, Fahrenheit).
    • Sleep function to save energy and LED indicates sleep state.
    • Microcomputer temperature compensation value, temperature error less than plus or minus 5 degrees.
    • High insulation, soft-touch power cord.
    • Digital display, clear content at a glance.
    • Memory mode function.
    • The handle is made of special high-temperature resistant material and ESD anti-static treatment.
    • Equipped with a black diamond solder tip, it has strong tin loading capacity and fast heat transfer speed.
    Weight.5 lbs