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  • Shock Standoff Set, Black (for a Short Wheelbase), for B64
  • Shock Standoff Set, Black (for a Short Wheelbase), for B64


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    SHLSCH1425 | | $14.00

    This is a complete set of 4 pcs, B64 Aluminum Shock Standoffs and Bushings which are a fit to the Team Associated B64 and B64D with the 2mm short wheelbase modification. The rear standoffs are extra tall, no spacing required, and 30mm mount screws are included. One package outfits the entire car with 2 short front and 2 extra-tall rear standoffs.



    • CNC machined and black anodized aluminum, these shock standoffs have a wide base to prevent shock mount screws from bending.
    • Rear standoff length edited for improved shock angle relative to the rear arm when running shocks forward in front of the tower.
    • Package includes 2 short front, 2 long standoffs, 4 bushings.
    • The standoffs tighten using a 5.5 mm hex nut driver.
    • Shock caps pivot on a replaceable machined bushing which has a shoulder to prevent binding.
    • Fits B64 and B64D.


    Weight .5 lbs


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