Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition


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Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition OSM1A208

Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition OSM1A208

Las Vegas Edition of the O.S. Engines .21 Speed B2101 1/8 scale Buggy Engine. Limited Edition commemorates the 2016 IFMAR Worlds Championships held in Las Vegas Nevada.


Limited-run version of the IFMAR Worlds-winning iconic engine
Five stars and stripes on top of cylinder head-each one representing
an O.S. IFMAR Worlds victory
Designed for maximum power output, performance and tuneability in 1/8
scale buggies
DLC coated and silicone filled crankshaft balanced with tungsten
21J slide valve carburetor


.21 Speed B2101 1/8 scale Las Vegas Edition Buggy Engine with 21J
Carburetor, 6mm and 6.5mm Carb Reducers, P3 Turbo Glow Plug,
3mm, 16mm & 18mm Dust Caps, Exhaust Seal Ring and Instructions


Fuel: 10-30% nitro content, 20% recommended for break-in
Glow Starter, Fuel Tubing and Track Equipment
T-2090SC Tuned Silencer Set


Displacement: 0.211 cu in (3.46cc)
Bore: 0.646″ (16.40mm)
Stroke: 0.646″ (16.40mm)
RPM Range: 4,000 – 42,000
Output: 2.61 hp @ 34,000RPM
Weight: 12.42oz (352g)
Distance Between Mounting Hole Centers Same Side: 0.83″ (21mm)
Distance Between Mounting Holes Opposite Side: 1.4″ (37mm)
Height Bottom of Mounting Tabs/Top of Cylinder Head: 3.3″ (83.8mm)
Width of Mounting Tabs: 1.8″ (45mm)
Distance from Backplate to Front Bearing: 2.5″ (64.5mm)
Distance from Center of Crankshaft to Front Bearing: 1.7″ (44mm)
Distance from Center of Crankshaft to Backplate: 0.81″ (20.5mm)
Carburetor Settings: NOTE carburetor is preset at factory and
requires only very small adjustments
Needle Valve, 3-1/4 open from fully closed
Mixture Control Valve, Flush with carburetor body
Metering Needle, Flush with ball link body
Throttle Stop Screw, Approximately 0.5mm
****** Because of the expressed racing nature of this engine, ******
****** it is NOT covered by the O.S. 2 Year Warranty ******

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