TK950 Soldering Station


TK950 Soldering Station TKPTKPR0950

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TK950 Soldering Station TKPTKPR0950

TK950 Soldering Station TKPTKPR0950

TK950 Soldering Station from TrakPower


Heavy-duty 60 watt design for years of reliable performance
Heats quickly to selected temperature within a range of 392°-896°F
and holds setting within 1.8°F when idle
Slender insulated handle for comfortable grip
5-year warranty on base unit and one year warranty on iron handle,
USA and Canada only


Soldering iron with stand, sponge, temperature control unit, chisel
point tip, pencil tip, instruction manual and decals


Solder, TKPR0975


Power: 60W
Temperature Range: 392°- 896°F (200° – 480°C)
Weight: 2.9lb (1315g)
ESD safe per Hobby Services