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  • Yokomo Racing Performer Ultra Rear Buggy Springs (Black) (2) (Hard)
  • Yokomo Racing Performer Ultra Rear Buggy Springs (Black) (2) (Hard)


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    YOKRP084BK | | $9.79

    Yokomo RP (Racing Performer) Ultra Rear Buggy Springs. The RP line of Yokomo Springs are designed to provide suitable performance on high grip surfaces; such as carpet and artificial turf tracks.

    The material and production process is different compared to the Yatabe Springs to perform supreme
    feeling on racing battle. RP Springs are more actively suited for jumping, with precise control during extreme battle.

    Racing Performer Ultra Buggy Options:

    • Front:
      • YOKRP-083PU: Hard – Purple
      • YOKRP-083BK: Med/Hard – Black
      • YOKRP-083O: Med – Orange
      • YOKRP-083G: Med/Soft – Green
      • YOKRP-083PI: Soft – Pink
    • Rear:
      • YOKRP-084BK: Hard – Black
      • YOKRP-084O: Med – Orange
      • YOKRP-084G: Soft – Green
    Weight.5 lbs